About Us

Our mission

We strive to provide investors choices beyond public markets. By leveraging technology and creative structures, we aim to bring alternative income assets in previously inaccessible niche markets to a broad investor base.

Our philosophy

We are believers of fundamental value investing, a principle that transcends markets.

Specifically, we believe in fundamental credit underwriting, old school banking, growth at a measured pace without compromising quality or taking excessive risk.

Our asset selection is built upon three pillars:

i) Understand the source of return and the risk.

ii) Have the ability to manage the risk.

iii) Demand adequate risk adjusted return.

Who we are

Our company is an investment platform for investors seeking alternative income assets that provide strong and predictable returns, and are uncorrelated with public markets.

The principals of our company have worked in fixed income markets and income investing for more than a decade. Having witnessed the shortcomings in public markets, we aim to bring to investors more investment options in niche and private markets having better risk reward.

What we do

We source real estate loans and other alternative income assets, and make them more accessible to investors. We currently serves US accredited investors and non-US investors. We offer our notes under Securities Act of 1933 4(a)(2) Reg D Rule 506(b).