Frequently Asked Questions


What investment products does your Company offer?
What do I own exactly when I invest in these Notes?
Am I guaranteed a return on my investment?
Are the notes secured?
What is the average return on your Notes?
How often do you distribute income from the Notes?
What are real estate hard money lending loans? Why do those loans carry a high interest rate?
Who makes those loans?
In what geographic areas are those loans?
How does the originator underwrite those loans?
What are the default rates of those loans?
What happens if a borrower defaults on a loan, or the project does not get completed?
Which legislation are you operating under?
What are the investment minimums?
What if I want to sell my notes?
What is the difference between a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) and Taiga’s notes?


What is your company doing?
How do I get started to invest?
How does your platform work?
Is my money safe on your platform during the gap of investment and payment distribution?
What happens if you go out of business?

Investor Eligibility and Tax Treatment

Who can invest in your Notes?
Can non-U.S. investors invest in your Notes?
Do non-U.S. investors need to be accredited?
Are foreign investors taxed on the interest earned from your Notes?
What tax form do you send to investor for the interest earned on your Notes?